Translation research

Translation research

After two years of freelancing in the "Language Industry", in September 2014, I had the opportunity re-join academia as a Research Associate on the SCATE-research project at the KU Leuven University, Faculty of Arts – Campus Sint-Andries in Antwerp.

SCATE stands for "smart computer-assisted translation environment" and it aims to improve the efficiency of language professionals through a better integration of the TM/MT technologies, better exploitation of language resources (translation memories and term extraction from comparable corpora), and personalised translation interfaces.

The aim of this research project is not to develop another CAT-tool, but improve existing techniques or develop new ones that can be easily integrated by the software developers in their tools.

I personally contributed to two users' studies: (1) Study on translation systems and practices of professional translators and (2) Human terminology extraction. More information about the project and available publications you can find on the SCATE project's website.


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